Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pretty Little Liars - ABC FAMILY - TV Show

This is my first TV review, but its mainly so i can rant about what has happened so far on the show! This post is just my thoughts on the main characters. I will go into more detail on my next post about PLL.

I've watched all seasons of PLL and currently watching season 6 (Episode 4 premiers tonight). I didn't start watching this programme till a couple of months ago when one of my flat mates was obsessing over #WHOISA she was explaining to me what the show was about and got me hooked! That was it. I spent the next two weeks glued to my laptop and ended up watching all 5 seasons in that time!

This show is about 4 girls who after the disappearance of their friend and a year passes at her funeral they come together and all start to get threats from an anonymous person called "A" throughout each series the girls try catch A and while A try's and destroys their life.

I thought the show is really good and i love the girls, although they drive me crazy sometimes! The whole who is A situation is so tense! Every time you think you have cracked the case another thing pops up and your back to square 1! Aria, Hannah, Emily and Spencer have been through so much in so little time, i have no idea how they are still alive and able to function! There friendship is something i love and i think every girl should have a group of friends who would come and save you from issues even if they are having their own! Also i love the relationships that they have! Aria and Ezra i love as they have been together since day one! Its been a bit touch and go with them but i feel they are so right for each other! Hannah and Caleb are also adorable! They way he loves and supports her no matter what is going on just makes me melt! Spencer and Toby are my least favourite couple as they drive me the most insane!!! Them too are just URRGGHH when they happy its so cute but when there not i just want to bang my head against the wall!! Alison DiLaurentis is one character i love one second and hate the next. You feel so sorry for her one minuet then the next she turns so mean and then you hate her again! But that's why i like her so much, you don't know the full story about her yet and i like that. Mona Vanderwaal is not in the main group of girls but is a main character, in the early seasons it turned out that she worked for "A" without knowing who A was. Although Mona was a bit snotty and clearly thought she was better than everyone else i always felt sorry for her as she constantly got left out. Even when it was found out she was one of A's minions i still liked her. Now her character has grown and she is friends with the girls she is becoming one of my favourite characters, she is so strong and smart its actually inspiring!

In the end of season 5 we found out that "Charles DiLaurentis" is A. Who Charles is? We don't know yet. Hopefully season 6 will enlighten us on who is Charles, Why he is doing this to the girls and what the final verdict will be for him. 

I will post again after a few episodes

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