Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Once Upon A Time - ABC - TV Show

Last summer i was so bored and decided to get into a TV Show. After hours of thinking i remembered that i had seen an advert on my TV for the show "Once Upon A Time" and i liked it! I read what the show was about and instantly i HAD to watch it! So i spent the summer watching all seasons 1,2+3.

The show is about a woman named Emma who turns 28. All her life she has been in and out of foster care and running away all the time. Her life wasn't the best and she ended up having a child, at that point in her life Emma wasn't ready to be a mother so she gave the child up for adoption. Later in life the boy she had, named Henry, came looking for her and insisted she came back to StoryBrooke with him! From the second Emma got to StoryBrooke her life turned on its head and the world of Fairy Tales came to life! Everyone in the town turned out to be a character from a children's book. Henry's adoptive mother is a single woman that turns out to be the Evil Queen from the story Snow White, and Henry's school teacher turns out to be Snow White, and also Emma's Mother. At first Emma was reluctant to believe this, but Henry's persuasion eventually changes her mind. The whole town has been frozen in time for 28 years and therefore Emma's mother is around the same age as her. The town is this way as the Evil Queen cursed everyone in the Enchanted Forest (Where most fairy tale characters lives, an alternate world) and created Storybrooke so she could have her happy ending. Henry brings Emma back to town as he has this book that tells the storeys of each character and Emma is also in the book as The Saviour. Her role in the book is to save the town, over and over again.

Season 4 just finished and each season has a theme, Season 4's was Frozen (The Disney film) And Hero's and Villains. I like how they do this as you can focus on one main story line!

Ok so no more spoilers or anything!!!! Season 5 starts in September, so when the season starts again i will do more reviews on OUAT


  1. I love OUAT <3 Captain Swan is one of my top ships. :) Can't wait for season five too!

    -Megan, Books of Fascination


    1. Same here!!!!! so excited for Dark Swan!!:D

      Jodie x