Friday, 11 September 2015

The Secret Fire - C J Daugherty + Carina Rozenfeld

So I have been waiting for this book for months now! I have to admit I'm an impatient person, And when I got accepted on NetGalley to get the PDF version of the book I was over the moon. I was also lucky to get a chance to attend the launch party for this book on Wednesday the 9th where I was able to get a physical copy of the book signed by both authors! The event itself was great! There was CHAMPAGNE and CAKEPOPS, how better can it get?! Plus both authors were absolutely lovely themselves. 

The book is about a boy named Sacha Winters and a girl names Taylor Montclair. Sacha can't die, guns? knifes? Deadly heights? nothing can kill him. Until this one day, where he can die, and his death will cause something awful. Something evil. Taylor is your average English girl, friends, dreams and a normal student life, that is until she realises she isn't normal, she can short out lights with her brain and is the only person who can save Sacha. The problem is that these two have never met and powerful forces are at work to keep it that way. Will they survive long enough to save the world?

I Loved this book. Seriously I did. I honestly couldn't guess what was going to happen next, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading this! I felt very sorry for Sacha, after finding out what was happening with him, I just wanted to pick him up and wrap him in bubble wrap. I found him very intriguing, his personality was very care-free towards life making the majority of what he did dangerous but as the book continued you saw that he was not totally care-free at all. His heart is full and he is strong and I loved that! Taylor reminded me of friends ive had with all the studying! It made me smile a lot and the whole wild hair situation? I FEEL YOU SISTER. My crazy blonde hair does whatever it wants! During the book Taylor had to change to adapt to the new life she now has and I think she did that amazingly. 

One thing I can say I LOVED about this book is that Taylor's powers were not just simply explained as "Magic". There was a scientific explanation for what was happening. This is how it was explained to Taylor and how I begun to understand myself. I found it very interesting and would love to see more science related information regarding the "Powers" 

I would give this book 5/5 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - 9th September 2015 (2)

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This weeks book is "White Hot Kiss" by J L Armentrout 

About a month ago the 3rd book in this series came out and all over twitter everyone was raving about it! This was when I decided that I need to read it! I have read the Lux series by J L Armentrout and own the book Half-Blood (But not yet read). Many people I have asked have said YES read this book.

The synopsis for this book is great! Pulled me in straight away, I'm a sucker for a love story. The whole idea that Layla is Half Demon, Half Gargoyle, is something I have never come across before and I think it will be interesting to see how that all pans out over the books! In interested to see how will she make it work for her love life and will she be able to stop trouble happening? 

I plan to order this book in the near future.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Mailbox Monday - 7th September 2015 (2)

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Last week I received 4 books 

The first book I got was "Assassins Blade" by Sarah J Maas. I'm so excited to read this book as i just finished Queen of Shadows and I am still hungover from that book! 

My second book I got made me scream a little "The Copper Gauntlet" By Cassandra Clare and Holly Black. I loved "The Iron Trial" (The first book) and I just know this book will be just as good!

And finally my third book (Which I got today, but that still counts) Is "Ill give you the sun" by Jandy Nelson. The lovely people at @Maximumpopbooks gave me this book to review for their website; 

Can't wait to dive into these books! Keep a look out for the reviews that I will do of them within the coming weeks. 

Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Sunday Post - 6th September 2015 (1)

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This post is where I am going to say a little about what I have done this week, any fun stuff I got in the post, fun stuff from twitter and what I am excited about for next week! (This post will not include book mail as I do a Mailbox Monday) 

Ok so this week wasn't very active for me! All week i have been preparing for moving back to university which I do on the 12th of September! I did get something cool in the post though!

Holly Smale the author of the Geek Girl series a couple of weeks ago did a post on Facebook giving away some promotional glasses for Geek Girl, and i won some! Here is me below attempting to model them. (Based on the covers)

(I apologise)

This week I also went to the best place on earth......IKEA, this may not interest you but that place is just heaven. So many pretty, random things! Unfortunately as it was a kitchen run i only got pots and pans, so i didn't think a picture would cut it.

This week was a bit of a slow one for me, but next week is going to be CRAZY! On Wednesday I am attending "The Secret Fire Book Party" down in London, both the authors of this book will be there; C.J Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld. Plus I have spied on twitter there may be one or two other Authors face's popping up. But ill let you know who next week! Hopefully I will be able to chat with the authors and get my book signed!

Also on Thursday is the release of "The Scorch Trials" the second film in "The Maze Runner" series. I haven't got plans at the moment of when I am going to see it, but I will be in the next couple of days! I am so excited to see this film! I have read the books and I understand its not the same but still, Dylan O'Brien yeah?! 

And finally Saturday is moving day! So I will be busy Saturday making my room look pretty at University! I have some cool decoration plans that I will show next week also!

Hopefully you'll enjoy next weeks post!

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Book Fangirling Blog Awards

Thank you so much to Anna! Enchantedbyya for nominating me! This will be my first ever awards and I am exciting to be involved! 

- Create a blog post to accept your award
- Add the blog award button and put it onto the side of your blog
- Answer the questions the person who has nominated you has come up with
- Nominate 5-10 book bloggers who you think deserve this award
- Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees

Ok so here are my questions from Anna!

1. What was the book that got you into reading?

OK so this one is easy! The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I had very little confidence with reading a couple years back due to my Dyslexia, and when I saw the film adaptation of book I just HAD to know what happens next! So I picked up the first book and was pulled in! I ended up re-reading the whole series including the prequel, The Infernal Devices about 3 times straight after each other. These books gave me the confidence to try other book and that's when I realised I have a LOVE for reading. 

2. Do I ever re-read books? 

I tend not to re-read books but I have done a few in the past! Honestly the only books I have re-read is The Mortal Instruments, The Bane Chronicles, The Infernal Devices and The Twilight Saga. Mainly because these are my favourite books and I am very passionate about Cassandra Clare's book and i just LOOOOVE twilight! I cant help it, I am a twi-hard. 

3. Are you a fan of book to movie adaptations? 

Yes and No. Yes because I love to see the books I like to read on the screen and all the fangirling that goes with it xP. But no because they tend to ruin the book, there never truly follow the books and therefore cause a lot of this and that in the fan-world. One thing I would like to say is I tend to love the film as a FILM but not as a film adaptation if you understand? 

4. If you could go back and forget a book which would you choose and why? 

Hmmmmmm! The problem with this question is that if I forgot about this book series then I wouldn't remember how bad I thought it was and not to read it! :') The book series I really didn't like and kinda wish I didn't read was the Forsaken series by Sophia Sharp. When I first downloaded this book onto my Kindle I was excited as the covers actually reminded me of the Fallen series by Lauren Kate and I really enjoyed that series. But sadly with this book I started to hate it straight away, I wouldn't be able to say it was just this one thing that I didn't like but just the whole book itself. I like to finish series' even if I didn't enjoy them so I pushed through and finished the 4 book series. My opinion didn't change. 

5. You could only read one book series for the rest of your life. What would it be? 

Ok EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEASY The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. My love for these books is just immense! I never ever get bored of these books! 

My questions

1.  If you could become a character in a book, who would you be and why?
2. What was the last book you read that blew your mind?
3. If you could change the ending to a book, which book would it be and why?
4. Where is your favourite reading spot?
5. What if your favourite thing about Blogging? 

I Nominate 

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wishlist Wednesday - 2nd September 2015 (1)

This is my first Wishlist Wednesday Post, I will post 1 book each week I wish I had and the reasons why!

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So my book this week is Sophie Kinsella's - Finding Audrey 

This book is about a girl who suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. She has had experience with bullying and the result of this has caused her to be a prisoner in her own home. This book tells your the story of her recovery with the help of a boy named Linus. 

I really want to read this book because I suffer from Stress and Anxiety myself, and I always find it interesting to read about situations that may not be the same as mine, but similar! From other bloggers book reviews it looks that Sophie Kinsella has done her research on the Disorder and explains it all well in the book, I am excited to see this for myself!

So hopefully sometime soon i will get my hands on this book! Plus I love the cover!!!! So simple yet pretty!!

Monday, 31 August 2015

Mailbox Monday - 31th August 2015 (1)

Hi everyone! OK so this is my first every Mailbox Monday post! Each week I am going to do a little post on what I got in the mail or on my kindle that week! I hope you enjoy these posts!

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Last week I received 3 books!

My first book was a PDF version of "Shapeshifters" by Laura Bitterlich. This was sent to me by my cousin who knows the Author!

My second Book was Heir of Fire By Sarah J Maas. I got this one on my kindle and read it straight away in preparation for Queen of Shadows which comes out tomorrow (Tuesday 1st September).

And my final book, to my surprise was Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Mass! Amazon was amazing in getting this delivered to me on Sunday!