Monday, 22 June 2015

The Maze Runner - FULL SERIES (James Dashner)

Ok so i recently just read The Maze runner series by James Dasher. I admit i did see the film first and honestly? I LOVED it! I chose to read the series now as The Scorch Trails movie comes out in September and i have seen many post’s about the changes in the film, so i got curious! My thoughts; I liked the books but i did feel they were crazy! I still don’t understand WICKED in the slightest and the whole love triangle between Thomas, Teresa and Brenda i didn’t really pick up till the end!  Plus one thing about the books that got on my nerves was that nobody could trust anybody, i even felt like i couldn’t trust myself! It was kinda trippy! But enough of the negative, I loved the whole idea end of the world situation! I was totally fascinated, a dystopia here and there is just what i need! Also i loved the whole relationship between Thomas, Minho and Newt! BFF’s ;)
I would rate this series 3/5

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