Sunday, 6 September 2015

The Sunday Post - 6th September 2015 (1)

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This post is where I am going to say a little about what I have done this week, any fun stuff I got in the post, fun stuff from twitter and what I am excited about for next week! (This post will not include book mail as I do a Mailbox Monday) 

Ok so this week wasn't very active for me! All week i have been preparing for moving back to university which I do on the 12th of September! I did get something cool in the post though!

Holly Smale the author of the Geek Girl series a couple of weeks ago did a post on Facebook giving away some promotional glasses for Geek Girl, and i won some! Here is me below attempting to model them. (Based on the covers)

(I apologise)

This week I also went to the best place on earth......IKEA, this may not interest you but that place is just heaven. So many pretty, random things! Unfortunately as it was a kitchen run i only got pots and pans, so i didn't think a picture would cut it.

This week was a bit of a slow one for me, but next week is going to be CRAZY! On Wednesday I am attending "The Secret Fire Book Party" down in London, both the authors of this book will be there; C.J Daugherty and Carina Rozenfeld. Plus I have spied on twitter there may be one or two other Authors face's popping up. But ill let you know who next week! Hopefully I will be able to chat with the authors and get my book signed!

Also on Thursday is the release of "The Scorch Trials" the second film in "The Maze Runner" series. I haven't got plans at the moment of when I am going to see it, but I will be in the next couple of days! I am so excited to see this film! I have read the books and I understand its not the same but still, Dylan O'Brien yeah?! 

And finally Saturday is moving day! So I will be busy Saturday making my room look pretty at University! I have some cool decoration plans that I will show next week also!

Hopefully you'll enjoy next weeks post!


  1. That sounds like it could be a cool party. :) Have fun!

    Week in Review

    1. i hope it will be!:D Thank you

      Jodie x

  2. I love winning swag from books! Love those glasses! Hope you have a good time at the party.
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