Sunday, 23 August 2015

Sunkissed (Jenny McLachlan) - Given by MaximumPop

I was given this book by the lovely people at MaximumPop! I applied to be one of 10 Reviewers on their website ( and i ended up winning! When i applied i didn't really know much about the book other than it was a good summer read! This book is part of the "LadyBird" Series by Jenny McLachlan. If you were to read this book before the other two that are previously in the series (like me), it would be no issue.


The book is about a Teenage girl named Kat, one of the girls in the "Ladybird" friendship. Her summer plans are ruined when her Mother and Father decide to send her away to stay with her Aunt Frida in Sweden. Without her friends and a phone signal, Kat is not happy. She has to learn to embrace the "different" lifestyle that is lived by her Aunt and others on the island, at first she found it hard but with the help of a boy named Leo she realises it's not so bad!

I really enjoyed this book! Throughout the first couple of chapters Kat seemed to be a girl who just didn't care! But as the book went on, you realised that she wasn't like that at all. Her character really developed and grew into a person, you could easily see this happening with every adventure Kat went on. I really loved the characters of Aunt Frida and Nanna! Aunt Frida just made me smile with everything she did and who doesn't want a friend like Nanna?! She made me laugh a lot with the way she spoke and how she really just didn't care, but in a good way!

Leo was the love interest in this book, Personally i like it when two character are from different countries and have a slight language barrier. My first thought of Leo was a positive one! I loved how he was so "outdoorsy" and listened to Kat and her problems! But then when Peeta turned up he went from a 10 to a 3 in my eyes! I was so so annoyed at him for what he did! Again my thoughts changed later on in the book towards the end and i loved him again! 10/10 ;)

One thing i didn't like about this book is that i would have loved more adventures! Maybe more scenes of Kat with Leo or Pearl exploring!

This book made me wish i was on a holiday on that island so bad!

I would rate this book 4/5

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