Sunday, 12 July 2015

Night School - FULL SERIES (C.J Daugherty)

Ok so next week i will be attending YALC/LFCC! And a few weeks ago i thought to myself, oh no! i haven't read some of the book by some authors there! So i looked through the choices and settled on starting with Night School series! Normally i do my research on books but this time i decided to keep the whole series a complete surprise! Yes, it was a good surprise!

The series follows a girl names Allie Sherdian who's world falls apart after her brothers disappearance, Allie rebels and ends up getting arrested, her parents then decide to send her to a boarding school. But little did she know this was not your ordinary high school! From day 1 Allie thinks this place is weird, no phones, no computers, no technology! The students at the school are all privileged and gifted and there is also something called "Night School", this is a top secret and no ones knows anything about it. Allie is attacked one night which then sets of a chain of incidents that makes Allie re-think about everything, who is telling the truth? Can she trust anyone and most of all What is Crimmera Academy really for?

I really loved this series! I literally LOVE boarding school stories so this was a definite like for me! Allie is a great character and yes i fell for Carter West straight away! I love how Allie is not a goody two-shoes and is rebellious! I like how the author doesn't tell you everything about what the main issue is straight away and actually takes a couple of books to paint the full picture! When the problem gets announced straight away you can normally guess the ending of series' where as in Night School i had NO IDEA how the series was going to end! Every time i read about Night School activities i was like "YES, IM READY, LETS GO!" i really wanted to join in! Plus in this series i really enjoyed how the "Love interests" were not so simple! There were issues and for me i see that as so much more realistic! All of Allie's friends i loved! Yes i may not of trusted them, but i loved there personalty!

Something i didn't like? I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!!

I rate this series 5/5

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  1. I really need to read this series! Thanks for reminding me: I need to look out for them. :)